Mo Husain, CEO of MH Systems, interviewed at the LA Port Tech Conference, August, 2012.

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Ballast Water Treatment

First paper published regarding the MH Systems ballast water treatment system.

MH Systems, Corp
Completion of the American Underpressure System (AUPS) Test Program

Final Report to the Office of Naval Research (ONR) - 2004

The U.S. Congressional Oil Pollution Act of 1990 allowed for the evaluation and approval of alternatives that can be determined to have equal or better performance than the double hull in protecting the marine environment.

In April 2004, MH Systems completed the final part of the test, validation and analysis of the American Underpressure System (AUPS) under the aegis of the Office Naval Research (ONR). This is culmination of a decade of long work to find alternative solution(s) to prevent or reduce catastrophic oil spills. AUPS is an active inert gas controlled system utilizing a vacuum technique, which drastically reduces or totally prevents spillage from a rupture to the hull, accidentally or from enemy action. It has been tested in full scale on the USNS Shoshone also under contract from ONR in 2002.

The EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of the Final Report, prepared at the completion of the comprehensive analysis of the tests and risk-based design, is shown herein.