About Us

Mo Husain - President, MH Systems, Inc.
Mo Husain is the developer of the American Underpressure System - an advanced spill avoidance system for oil tankers. Mr. Husain provides overall direction of all advanced technical projects within the MH Systems organization. A graduate of the University of Michigan in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Mr. Husain has over 30 years experience in ship systems engineering, specifically in the field of Hydrodynamics of ships, Loads and Motion analysis, probabilistic design criteria analysis, and design and development of high performance weapons platforms.

Robert Apple - Senior Vice President
Mr. Apple has a MSME degree and 40 years experience in the leading of research, designs, and the managing of maritime projects. He was project manager - ONR, project engineer for the contract machinery design of six new classes of warships including the first nuclear cruiser (CGN9)and first Nuclear Destroyer - DLGN 25. As Vice President of Litton Ship Systems, was program manager that won the billion dollar design contract for the General Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship (LHA) He is presently SNAME representative on the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

John Angles - Vice President & Director - Ship Systems

Educated at Kirkcaldy Technical College, Scotland, Mr. Angles is a graduate in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture under the engineering apprenticeship program at Burntisland Shipbuilding, Scotland. He has thirty five years of experience in ship design and shipbuilding.

Gary Shilling - Vice President & Director

Mr. Shilling holds a Masters in EE from the University of Kansas.  Former VP of Development for Sprint, Mr. Shilling went on to launch Quintessential Solutions, at one time the premier, data communications, network design company, later sold to General Research Corp., as a chief technological contributor.  Mr. Shilling also held the senior network analyst position for SAIC on contract with the US Navy to design and grow the US Navy's worldwide, data communications network.  Mr. Shilling is the former CEO and founder of Ganaden Biotech, Inc., currently the largest probiotic firm in the US. 

Henry Hunter - Director - Test and Evaluation     

Mr. Hunter has 35 years experience as Systems Engineer and Engineering Manager. He was the Chief Development engineer for the first 3500 HP Marine Gas Turbine, and assisted in the installation of Gas Turbine Propulsion unit for Spruance Class Destroyers. He holds a patent for a Gas Core Reactor, a nuclear propulsion unit for Mars mission.

Charles Quirinbach - Manager - Analysis

Mr. Quirinbach has a BS from the California Institute of Technology and an MS from the University of California, Los Angeles. He has 35 years of engineering and scientific experience in the marine and aerospace industries. His experience includes analysis and design of high performance vessels, system requirements and interface definitions of major US Naval Vessels and responsible for design, manufacturing and quality standards and testing of inertial grade gyroscopes, accelerometer, and inertial navigation systems for specific applications by the U.S. Navy.

Max Halebsky, P.E. - Safety and Reliability Engineering

Mr. Halebsky has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Registered Professional Engineer in Safety, Quality Control and Chemical Engineering; MBA from University of California, Los Angeles. Initiated the first System Safety program for Naval Ships in the LHA for Litton Industries.

Michael A. Rickards, Ph.D. - Staff Scientist
Dr. Rickards has B.S. from MIT, M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from University of Southern California., and PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California. He has 35 years of experience in aerospace and marine industries. His experience includes Hard Mobile Launcher Vehicle design, Arctic Vehicle design, Surface Effect Ship (SES) Design. Air Cushion Vehicle design and Structural Analysis of aircraft structures.

Robert Westerwick

Mr. Westerwick has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of Colorado and performed graduate studies in Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland. He has 40 years of experience in analysis and design of dynamic control systems.

Our marine biology work is done with Scripps Institute of Oceanography.